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Whilst we take great joy in having a unique holiday destination, Levendi's is also a farm growing a bounty of organic foods. We invite you to help yourself to our daily harvest of seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts, and to enjoy our organic preserves and herbal teas. And to this we add our olive oil and pickled olives, and our neighbour's organic wine.

The main produce of Levendi's Estate has always been olive oil. What began as a curious interest in the trees we inherited has become a full-scale obsession. We are proud of our herbaceous, peppery organic oil and trust you will enjoy it too, both whilst on holidays and to take home as gifts. 

You may like to join our annual harvest work in November. Olives are collected by hand and pressed at the end of each day, using an hydraulic cold press - the time-honoured, albeit slow and painstaking, method which is essential to producing our perfect oil.

Harvest time has a special festive spirit - time is forgotten, speed is not the essence and work is thorough and careful. True to the spirit of Athena in presenting the olive tree to Athenians, no part of these ancient trees is wasted. The fruit is collected and either eaten as whole fruit or pressed for oil, pruned branches are cut and stored to dry for the winter's heating and leaves are mulched to improve the soil's quality.

We provide the fruits of the harvest to guests as pickled olives, oil for the kitchen or oil infused with a variety of herbs.  

The Estate also has a bounty of fresh produce which is all organically grown. We like to share our way of live with our guests and so invite you to share the bounty of our farm: almonds, walnuts, figs, pears, apricots, plums and citrus. Our vegetable and herb gardens give a continuous supply, adding the distinguishing Mediterranean flavour to your holiday meals.

Many preserves are made and you will want to try them all, together with savory sauces, herbal teas and mountain honey.





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