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This is a truly beautiful place which lives up to its profile. Whether you stay on the estate, visit the villages and beaches, or scramble over the Mycenaean ruins, its wonderful. September is a perfect time to go with cooler temperatures and the island is very quiet. Especially good for amateur Classicists who'd like to get close to some 3000+ year old history. Fantastic hosts & Greece's troubles are very distant too.
Gerard and Julie, Melbourne, September 2012

Thank you, a wonderful week. What a beautiful, inspiring place. Loved sitting on the lounger under the olive tree, taking in the stunning view. Do take a swim down the track at Perivoli beach late afternoon - just perfect. Hope to be back!
Cathy, John and Isabel, England, August 2012

Amazing how the Earth reflects the energy of the moon....happy to be here on this very special evening. Thank you for allowing us to share this land for a while. Like so many souls before us we are amazed and inspired at the truth and simplicity of life here. The time we spent here will be always very special to us.
Petra and Chris, Vinnie (5) and Eddie (2)

Thank you very much Marilyn and Spero this has been a really nice stay. It is great going out for lunch and the beach and then coming back to swim in the pool - that pool probably has the world's best view! The past 2 weeks have been really fun and I can't wait to come back again.
Love from Clementine (aged 11), France and Australia! August 2012

Our fourth time at Levendis and it won't be the last. This time Ben is 5 and we've brought our 19-month old twin 'Levendis' girls. We have loved the warmer weather of August compared to May - pool and sea have been gorgeous and everyone has loved swimming each day. We have loved seeing Mal, Spero, Kate and Naki and of course how the most handsome Frank has grown, Farewell Levendis...........for now.
Tanya and Mark, Ben, Hannah and Zoe, Somerset, UK, August 2012

A magical introduction to the Greek islands, the island is a joy to explore even the hair-raising high roads, finding little beaches with no-one else on them (yes it's early July!) enjoying the warm clear waters, we've spent many hours too just staring out at the wonderful and ever changing view from Levendis, hoping we can return soon
Connie and Duncan, England, July 2012

Our last night and our experience here is ending. Levendis offers a different experience - it's about the sounds, smells, views, colours - a full attack to all senses. It has a soul, a combination of different things, the beauty of course, but the humanity of Mal and Spero. They cater not only for your physical comforts, but your social and spiritual needs too - it's a rare kind of holiday experience. All our extended family felt very at home and my kids (8 years and 3 years) think they own the place. Thanks for the great food, your generosity of spirit and your authenticity s human beings. And Ithaca? amazingly gorgeous and beautiful, also hard at times, rough, difficult to forget and with a kind of mystery and I can' put my finger on, certainly one of a kind. We are so glad we chose Levendis and I believe that probably the place also chooses the people! May the gods always be with you.
Noelia, Oisin, Ana and Oisin, Ireland, June 2012

A last minute escape from the English summer, wonderful! Complete relaxation and the real world fades away.....Levendis doesn't disappoint.......looking forward to coming back for visit number 4.
Susan, Matthew and Isla, Dorset, May/June 2012

As we leave we take away an enormous store of very happy family memories from this lovely holiday on a beautiful estate. The beach at Lefki is one of the most beautiful we've ever seen, the drive up to Anoghi with those sensational views unforgettable, amazing frescoes in the church up there, but most of all we will remember the sounds of our four children running around the gardens in the evenings, chasing the fireflies. Thank you so much for having us
Michele, Richard, Emily, Ines, Ella and Tristan, Chambray, France, April/May 2012

Oh, what a place, it is a dream full of love to stay at Levendis with my love, John. In the morning to open up the shutters to see this view of paradise outside - mountains, mediterranean sea, flowers..... in April it is around 22 - 24 degrees and when the sun shines you can enjoy the swimming pool. We've bicycled to visit two beautiful villages called Frikes and Kioni, what a road for cycling and breathing in the fresh air from the mountains and sea, but I have to tell you that you need to get a little bit fit, but it's great fun. The church bells remind me of the little village where I come from in France near Bordeaux. (Karine) Hello from John, This time has been so refreshing and inspirational for our future, what a perfect place to reflect and enjoy our love away from the city and to be here in the peace and quiet with my love. Such a delightful island. I love the sea shore and coves and want to explore them by boat next time. You were all so warm and kind to us, thank you.
John, April 2012

We've had a wonderfully restful week here again, but been struck down, as so many others, with Levendis Lethargy, so we don't have much to say about life beyon the gates! It is too easy to let days drift by with coffee mornings, swimming, massages and pilates - soooo relaxing! Yefiri Café down the lane was excellent, as always.
Katrina, Nicola and George (2-1/2 years) Englan, September 2011+

After years gazing at the website, tucked away in my 'favourites' this year we finally chose to make the journey to Levendis seeking 'a village holiday'. This is exactly what we've had and we leave feeling restored after an idyllic stay. Such a beautiful spot, run with love and care. The physical environment feeding all our senses and the tastes of all the delicious foods are perfectly matched. We slowed down immediately to a pace that resulted in more miles walked than driven, more lunches chez Levendis than out. Moonlit walks up the hill to marvel at sunrise and lulled to sleep by the waves, goat bells and church bells. We intend to return, and to pass on the Levendis experience to many of our friends in Australia. Much love,
Melanie and Neil, Sydney, September 2011

Packing our bags, filled with wonderful sweet memories of Levendis.....superb massages that we all enjoyed, yoga classes, poet's walk
Gieske, Hans, Lise and Thomas, The Netherlands, August 2011

Three years on and nothing has changed! We had high expectations of our first ever 'holiday return anywhere' and they were all exceeded. The welcome from 'old friends' ensured we quickly relaxed, enjoyed and absorbed the beauty of Levendis and the island. Hospitality, tranquility and comfort ensured that we all suffered terribly with 'Levendis Lethargy' a disease diagnosed as being so relaxed and laid back that just doing as little as possible is mandatory. Thank you for a wonderful holiday, some fantastic fresh foods, endless coffee, permanent smiles and more stars in the sky than we could count. Please don't ever change anything!!!! See you soon,
Sarah and Grant. England, August 2011

Just spent another amazing 2 weeks at Levendis. Love the pool and the view from it! The coffee shop trips in the morning too - I love the friendly environment and how everyone makes me feel so at home. Would strongly recommend waffles at the coffee shop, they took me into heaven each morning.
Carly, 14, England, August 2011

Levendis is absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed playing games in the swimming pool. I also think that milkshakes, figs, yoghurt and certainly waffles with honey at the coffee shop.....well really I just liked the whole of the amazing holiday
Pira, 7, England, August 2011

Hello, this is Sebastian and I am 5 years old. My favourite things here: eating waffles for breakfast, the swimming pool, picking mulberries, eating spaghetti and prawns too, seeing the monastery and watching lizards.
Sebastian, England, July 2011

It would be wrong to say that Levendis lived up to expectations - it blew them away! - the tranquility, views, welcome, pool, breakfasts, and the list could go on. Friendly child care meant we could go out in the evenings. Worth hiring a boat for a day, and if you enjoy snorkelling take the marine exploration day out. We'll certainly be back as we've never been on a holiday where we've relaxed so quickly
Graeme, Helen, Amelia (4) and Bump, England, June 2011

We're so happy to have spent our honeymoon at Levendis and couldn't imagine a more inspiring and romantic setting. A special thanks for perfect child care so that we could get out and about in the evenings. When we're back in the big smoke we'll be dreaming of turquoise seas and olive groves
Seth, Chloe and Leo, Paris, May 2011

The abiding memory will be that you made us feel, from even before we arrived, like old friends rather than paying guests. Thank you a million times for such a wonderful holiday. Now that we are home it does seem like a dream, though we have the photos to prove it real. We really did have a perfect time and I can still taste the fresh breakfasts and see the view from our loungeroom window. It was the perfect place
to holiday with two small children, nothing to worry about at all - you wouldn't believe how many people said that we were very brave heading off to Greece with a baby and toddler, but they clearly had never been to Levendis! See you all again soon,
Alastair and Liz, Isla and Florence, England, September 2010

The holiday started badly. For the first three days it seemed we were trapped on Kefallonia at the mercy of a chaotic and sometimes aggressive hotel staff. And then we stumbled upon Levendis on the internet. Suddenly we were on a ferry to beautiful, sleepy Ithaca. Things were looking up. Fresh breakfasts, babysitting services, a beautiful pool, boat trips, all no hassle. Fate had taken us to The Right Place. Thank you for a wonderful, special and all too brief holiday. With love
Polly, Herbie and Blaise (8 months), Grand Caymen, September 2010

We've had the perfect honeymoon here, slowly being absorbed into the completely relaxed and harmonious way of life, fuelled by excellent coffee and delicious breakfasts. To find and visit Levendis is one of life's great delights and we will cherish our memories from here forever - and may well come back too!! We salute you, thank you for making our stay so perfect. We are recommending Levendis left, right and centre to everyone who asks about our honeymoon.
Alex and Bundy, London, September 2010

Thank you once again for a truly wonderful holiday, fourth time and we can't imagine not coming back! We are so glad we found Levendis when we did so that the children will remember such lovely childhood holidays. Seeing the island wake up during our Easter holiday, and slowly winding down again during the last week of August this year has been a special experience to store. During our first spring holiday at Levendis we so enjoyed the flowers, the more than ever turquoise seas, the cool evenings and the wood burning fires, the deserted beaches and the chance to explore some of the lovely walking tracks, which is impossible in the heat of summer. Thanks again for all the little things that really make a difference and make this holiday so special. I'm sure we'll be back.
Nick, Aileen, Robbie and Scott, England, August 2010

Whoever comes to Levendis once definitely will return! We had a wonderful week and the house and surrounds are absolutely beautiful. The hospitalityof Spero and Mal has been great and we make it a target to come back quite soon. Thank you for everything, we will always have this little paradise in our hearts.
Andreas and Christiana, Athens, August 2010

A little corner of the world where nothing really matters and where the beauty of nature renders everything just as it should be. But more than just a beautiful and peaceful place, Mal and Spero offer something much, much more. And we will go back to our tranquil part of Sussex inspired about what 'welcome' means. Their philosophy extends into evry blade of grass and every perfectly placed hammock and every gorgeous double espresso. Thank you for tanning us on the inside. We leave with new ideas and rested souls.
Gilly and Ned, England, August 2010

'Are you sure you want to come with us? (Molly 16 and Jessica 18) It's going to be really quiet, no clubbing, no TV, no facebook, I don't want two grumpy teenagers spoiling our two weeks.' In between snorkeling, swimming, boating, sunbathing, eating and drinking they read and read and expanded their horizons, thanks to Mal's enlightening library.......My 'no clubbing' was incorrect, there's the fun of Big Wednesday in Frikes each week. Jon managed to turn off his 'crackberry' most of the time, and me? Well how could I not have a wonderful time? Massage and pilates in the most gorgeous setting, Mal's lovely lotions and potions, brilliant food, fun breakfast chats, I've loved it all and will really miss you all.
Trish, England, August 2010

Fitness at Levendis: Exercise No 2 (for Exercise No. 1, see August 2008): Lay flat on the surface of the water in the pool, face up as always....
Look for 1 or 2 yellow butterflies, 1 swallow, 1 hawk and (optional) 1 plane. Keep floating till all of the abovementioned form a perfect vertical line, so that you can only see the lower butterfly. Time required: indefinite. Repeat twice. Practise every day. We, guests at Levendis, like waves, never the same and always the same, with stories unrolling, fall on the shores of this realm, stealing pebbles of beauty whilst withdrawing. Our fifth time at Levendis - some waves come back!!
Antonio, Antonella, Valeria, Rome, August 2010

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