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A perfect environment for family holidays has been created here - fantastic grounds for small children and parents alike - you can get to know other guests, but still have all your own privacy. Restaurant at the end of the track is the best on the island, great boat trips and swimming coves at Frikes are perfect. All in all a beautiful island and ideal place to stay at Levendis and we will be back.
Peter and Tazim, Inaara and Eshan, August 2010

Anything you've read about Levendis is an understatement. We loved our timeghg here, and swimming across the bay below especially pleasurable.
Tariq and Susan, London, August 2010

I truly believe that our souls have been rescued with time spent together in such a beautiful place, the only measure of time being the chiming bells. We have loved every day and can honestly say we will return. Levendis' food has been amazing, and villages are timeless, boating a fab. experience for us all but just swimming in the pool and spending time together has been really precious for all four of us. Thank you
Anne, Charlie, Zak and Oscar, England, August 2010

Two weeks ago our driver told us, as we came here, that we were going to Paradise and he was right! the cosy house, the extraordinary view, the unique pool and the beautiful green garden all make Levendis a glowing jewel of this tiny island. Spero and Mal are so kind and helpful, Levendis' chef made us delicious meals, local café just down the road has delicious food and the service is quick and very good. Frikes village is charming and the the monastery in the mountains has amazing frescoes. Make sure you wake up on time in the mornings not to risk missing the king's feeding time - Frank The-Goat is waiting for you, and for the almonds! (PS: Our favourite things were feeding Frank and having walks in the forest, Francesco and Vittoria)
Valentina, Beppe, Orsina, Vittoria and Francesco, Milan/London, July 2010

Dear Frank the goat, the two sheep, Spero and Mal, I just wanted to tell you that you've made my week here very special and I'm glad I chose Levendis! Thank you for recommending the boat trip, it was a blast. My favourite thing was feeding friendly Frank and seeing the two sheep. Once again, thank you for making my trip the best!
Zeena Kubeisy(10), Dubai/Lebanon, July 2010

Thanks for your kind wishes for our new arrival, and for my 40th brithday celebrations, and for all your help and advice planning our holiday. If all this is indicative of the welcome you give your guests, I can really see why why Levendis gets the positive reviews that it does.
Penny Maroudas, Feb 2010

April is to be recommended, gardens stunning, everything just waking from winter, the pace is perfect for winding down. We’ve done bike rides, a day in a boat, pottered about sleepy villages. Breakfast without parents is the height of holiday glamour and excitement, plus racing around the fantastic grounds, inventing wild games. Thank goodness Marilyn and Spero are such peaceful souls.
Nigel Barden, April 2009

You could bottle the water and retire, knowing you’ve exported the finest liquid in the world, simply life-enhancing, particularly when taken along with the finest honey on the planet, also camomile, ouzo and retsina seem to have a marvellous combined glowing effect. We’re being beckoned back before we leave.
Barden Dolce Collective, April 2009

Every day has been special. We’ve loved the seas, the food, the views, the sun and smells of the flowers here at Levendis such a relaxing and friendly atmosphere – we hope to be back.
Magda, Maciej and Marta, June 2009

Our third summer at Levendis and as usual everything was perfect. We will surely be back!
Franco, Pascale, Giulia (4 years) and Anna (7 months) Our best family holiday ever, booked it ages ago as a very special holiday, so looked forward to it for months and Levendis has lived up to our expectations in every way. Our lives are usually hectic and we’ve enjoyed a relaxing routine, sleeping late, eating late, thoroughly lovely days spent all together, and long fun evenings over board games (Eileen) Thanks for the backgammon tips, still lost! Don’t forget to look at the stars, even they look better from Levendis (Richard), Simply wonderful holiday, immensely beautiful island, excellent food, and perfect for anyone with an interest in the classics to wander around Homer’s school. I would recommend Frikes by day and Stavros by night. (Matthew, 18), Absolutely everything about this long-anticipated holiday at Levendis has been truly perfect, nothing prepares you for how wonderful it really is (Nicholas, 16).
Eileen, Richard, Matthew, Nicholas

The simple personal luxury of Levendis beats corporate luxury anytime, thank you. Food has been delicious, pool huge success with our 3 children, they’ve made new friends and Sam has learned to swim. The cicadas, the crickets, the lizards, the skinks, hearing the Scops owls were an essential part of the stay. One week not enough, we don’t want to go home. Thanks for your labour of love and for opening it up to us. We hope to see you again.
Carolyn and John, Oscar (8) Sam (6) and Poppy (3)

We’ve had another wonderful 2 weeks summer holiday, it’s gone too quickly again. Hope to be back again before too long. (Marilyn) It was great here, I liked going to Perivoli beach (Harry, 8) This has been a fun holiday and I liked the beaches of Aphales bay best (Natalie, 11)
Marilyn, Harry , Natalie

Levendis strips away the frantic pace of city life and you can only kick back and relax here overlooking the bay. We’re going home recharged,having had a wonderful time with our children (4 and 5). Completely brilliant child care service so we enjoyed time off and so did our children! Our hosts are fantastic, you can ask for any ideas or help and they are happy and so chilled, it makes for a wonderful summer holiday for us all.
Catherine, August 2009

Thanks, once again, for our September family holiday. We’ve done more this time. Long walk to Marmakas beach and down to Frikes was stunning. Ag Yannis beach amazing, a beautiful place to swim and see coloured fish around your feet. Boated over to Fiskardo for lunch and people watching, tourist shops there a serious rip off. Yefiri Café/Restaurant at the end of the track still our favourite.
The Collip Gang, September

If somebody asked me, ‘Why have you been to Levendis four times?’, I would answer, ‘Because we’ve been very lucky’. Beware of Levendis’ addiction……………. We have no intention of going through any kind of rehabilitation. We only hope to come back again. Thank you for letting us come to know all this beauty.
Antonio, Antonella and Valeria (11)

Thanks, once again, for creating this beautiful spot! As usual the attention to detail in every way has been much appreciated. We love Levendis and Ithaca and will definitely be back. (Nick, Aileen) It’s been a brilliant time, we loved it (Scott, 7) We went snorkelling and caught an octopus at Marmakas, and a sea cucumber, starfish, crabs and sea urchins, and we made new friends at Levendis (Robbie, 9)
Nick, Aileen, Scott, Robbie. August 2010

Arriving here at Levendis felt like returning to old friends, even though we’ve never been here before. We felt instantly at home, and have had the most perfect relaxing week together. Thank you all for a very special Honeymoon holiday, never to be forgotten. Love, happiness and peace to you.
Stewart and Caroline. July 2009

With apologies to Cavafy:
If you should travel to Ithaca
Pass by Levendis on the hill
Ad stay a while to listen
To the cicadas and the sea
To the breeze in the olives and cypress trees
Learn from them as Homer learnt
Learn from the beauty of the gardens
Where purple sage, thyme, oregano
And lavender, dance before you
And if you rest a while in Ithaca
Be sure to take your rest
By a bay in the north
With distant islands dotting the horizon
And the lap, lap of waves on rocks
Plunge into blue
Into the world of fish and dolphins
With the tinkeling of water on pebbles
Explore caves, and fields of sea grass
Where the sea will yield up her treasures.
Before you move on for other Ithacas
Keep a piece of this one in your heart
As you make your way through the rocks of your journey
Come back to Ithaca if you can.
Lucy and family, August 2009

Gorgeous accommomdation, we’ve loved every minute of it. Boating, early morning trips to watch the fishing boats coming in, late afternoon swimming when the sun is cooler, all the foods, walking down the track to Yefiri café where the food was great, thanks for the brilliant child care.
Stephen and Katie, Ellie (10), Freya (8) and Dan (2).

Views are stupendous, and food and wine grand. Great family holiday. Thanks for fantastic babysitting to give us some ‘free’ time together. This has been a perfect set-up for two families holidaying together.
Nick, Sarah and Rory (18 months).

Thank you for a truly relaxing and memorable holiday. The turquoise sea, the lapping of waves at night, the cicadas, fig jam and lattes, AND I managed to read an entire book with four children in tow. That’s a testament to a babysitter so lovely with all our children! Thank you so much.
Orla and Martin, Cormac (8), Sara (6), Senan (4) and Lorcan (6 months). June 2009

What a wonderful stay, totally relaxing. There is clearly a spell on this place that removes your brainpower and forces you into a state of deep relaxation. Frankly it was a struggle to get to the pool. And then a struggle to make the 20 meters back to our lovely house! A fabulous week, thank you.
Sally and Sophie, June 2009

We’ve had another fantastic relaxing holiday here at Levendis. It’s been great to share it with our family this year. We are planning to be back next year already.
Susan, Matthew and Isla (20 months). June 2009

We’ve always said we would never return anywhere twice as there’s just so much of the world to see, but Levendis has captured our hearts and here we are again! There’s so much to do here, but goes without saying that just staying put and relaxing by the pool and in the gardens in simply the best. Can’t wait for next May!
Tanya, Mark & Ben (2)

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