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1.  Where is Levendi's?
2.  Is Levendi's the place for our honeymoon?
3.  Which season is best for our holiday?
4.  Will our children enjoy Levendi's?
5.  More Photographs and Video
6.  How do I make a reservation?


1.  Where is Levendi's?

Levendi's Estate is on the northern tip of the Ionian island of Ithaca.  You will enjoy the best of all worlds - Levendi's is set in a stunningly beautiful environment with grounds extending from the sea up to the hillside pine forest and the olive groves. Only the sounds of goat bells disturb the silence, yet 2 km from the property you will enjoy traditional seaside village atmosphere and the choice of tavernas and cafes for whiling away many pleasant hours over an ouzo or dining under the stars during warm Mediterranean evenings. There are three beaches below the Estate, and many more delightful small swimming coves around the island's shores. 
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2.  Is Levendi's the place for a tranquil, romantic holiday/honeymoon?

Most definitely the answer is yes. Perhaps the most objective advice on the absolute perfectness of Levendis as the place for your honeymoon or an especially romantic holiday can be found by reading what our guests have had to say on this subject. But first, imagine peaceful tranquility, amazing views, gently swaying in
hammocks under trees, a day's yacht charter, picnics on deserted beaches and being pampered at our alfresco massage pavilion in a shady forest glade. Click on Guest Book section to read their opinions.

3.  Which season is best for our holiday?

You will find Ithaca to be a small, intimate and traditional island with sweeping views from high forested mountains which fall down into a heavily indented coastline of tiny pebbled coves of extraordinarily clear waters - an island is sought by those seeking to experience Mediterranean islands of a quieter kind, offering a diversity of natural surroundings yet also with all the activities usually thought of as belonging to an island holiday. Levendis sits within these surroundings, and extends the island's natural attributes. In brief, spring is dedicated to those wanting long peaceful days of discovery and relaxation. Early summer gives gentle heat allowing the combination of seaside activities, walking and cycling. And, of course, high summer is holiday time for school age children and their parents and is the only time this quiet and beautiful green island moves out of sleepy mode, whilst the tranquility of autumn is sought by those wanting to take in the last of warm seas for the year. In detail: 

April : Often a busy time at Levendis when families and small groups take Easter and Spring breaks. The perfect time for gentle walks of exploration and discovery during peak wildflower season, a botanists' dream, and with mountains and Levendis gardens in full bloom, the best time for artists. Also the month for serious trekking along mountain pathways and/or cycling along roads with bird's eye views to seascapes and valleys below.

May : The first 2 weeks are put aside as our spring adult retreat holiday time - it's romantic holiday month! Boat to remote beaches, relax poolside, take long walks amongst the last of the wildflowers, but most of all melt into peace and relaxation in gentle sunshine.

June : Spring flora displays are ending but seas are warming, the island is still sleeping, and balmy evenings are at their longest. The month to combine seaside and boating activities with days of walking. A popular month for couples wanting a quiet island holiday, for extended-family or small-group holidays and for families with pre-school children to enjoy the seas, pool and farm activities before the higher temperatures of summer.

July / August : School holiday time and the months when Levendi’s is often fully reserved two seasons in advance. Ithaca puts on its summer face-families holiday, summer sea side activities are enjoyed to the full, tavernas have a busy and happy atmosphere and villages are places of congregation until the small hours every night. In the summer heat early morning swims, relaxing in the sun by the pool or boating around the island's shores, and afternoon siestas followed by dinner and long evening under the stars are the soul-recharging order of the day.

High summer is also the time for our traditional island religious festivals. Ithaca is well known for the sheer exuberance of its open air festivals which are enjoyed by every resident of the island and every visitor as well. Everyone from age 1 year to 90 years gathers under the stars for an evening of feasting, traditional music and dancing and which continues until dawn – occasions where the aim of every person is the same: to thoroughly enjoy themselves and have fun together.  

September :  The welcome cooler 25 degree temperatures take over. Families return home for the new school year and so Levendis again becomes home for those wanting to be enveloped by its tranquility. The first two weeks of September are always Adult Retreat Holiday weeks, whilst the second half of the month is a perfect time for holidaying in the peace of early autumn with small children. The weather gives the choice of lazing and swimming; taking pleasant mountainside walks or dipping into the paint palette.
October :  Longer rays of sunlight beaming across the mountains and down into the valleys are an artist's delight; the seas are very warm after summer's heat; walks among the carpets of cyclamen and crocus with the air thick with the aroma of mountain herbs are wondrous. The island relaxes into happy autumn slumber and most guests are at Levendi's to simply indulge in peace, take in the tranquility and being. 
November / December :  The first week of November sees the beginning of olive harvest and a time of great industry, both on the island and at Levendi's. Guests are able to participate in the harvest, or simply watch the process. Most times you won't be able to resist joining in the happy work of this time-honoured annual ritual and you will go home a fountain of knowledge about the process of olive pressing and different methods of preparing olives - with the evidence in bottles and jars for your friends.

January / March : Typically guests at this time are with us to be alone for such pursuits as writing and / or taking long walks of exploration around mountain pathways. A sublimely peaceful time when, although it is officially winter and rains do fall, days can be sunny and often quite warm, particularly in the months of January and March. February will see rain and storms; however even then the beaches and mountains are wonderful places for you to be out and within their winter moods. 

4.  Will our children enjoy Levendis?

Having four children of our own means that we have created Levendis with family holidays in mind. Children and parents alike will thorough enjoy their holiday. We make holidays with small babies just that much easier by providing all the special equipment babies need. Parents of very young children appreciate the undivided attention of our child care-givers for as many hours as they wish. In fact, parents will enjoy having the opportunity to spend long evenings together. Our blend of country and seaside provide a wide range of fascinating learning and fun activities for children. They quickly adapt to farm life by helping us feed animals, collect eggs and harvest vegetables. They become enthusiastic entomologists and botanists, often bringing their finds to the Coffee Shack for identification, whilst we chat over a frozen fruit pop or other breakfast treat. The pool provides hours of easy family fun and the outdoor cooking and dining area is another focal point for family holidays. Very often whole days pass without anyone wanting to leave the property. Parents leave us with souls recharged, and children often have a tear in their eyes when we say goodbye.

Teenagers will happily discard their city lives to enjoy long days on the sea and the freedom of village night life. Their flocking instincts find outlet at village cafes - and parents can relax in the knowledge that younger members of the family are safe.

5.  More Photographs and Video

Click through to Contact Us and we'll send you more photographs, along with a package of video and information sheets about our holiday activities. Click through to our Guestbook for comments/opinions.

6.  How do I make a reservation at Levendis?

(a) After deciding to holiday at Levendi's the first step will be, of course, to phone us or contact us so that we can let you know if we have a house available on the dates you wish to holiday. If your party is from five to twenty people you will need to contact us as early as possible.
(b) We will reply regarding availability.
(c) With availability to suit, we will ask you to complete our on-line reservations form.
(d) A 20% holding deposit is required, and we will then confirm your holiday to you.
(e) We will arrange your car, private airport transfers, and make any other special arrangements which you have requested for your holiday, and send you full details.
(f) 60 days before your holiday, we will remind you to pay the balance of your account.
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