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Product List
Following is a list of produce, our in-house menu, and other products available to you during your holiday. To order supplies, make your selections using the order form.

Product Boxes
Packed into hand made oak boxes our produce makes a fine gift, or take home reminder of your holiday with us:


Oil Box Select any two oils. These will be packed into the box in tall, handled, corked & wax sealed bottles each holding 300gr of oil


Conserve Box select any four from our range of conserves and mountain honey. All will be packed into the box in corked, 150gr jars made of recycled glass.


Combination Box: select any one oil and two conserves. The oil will be in a 450gr square sided corked bottle and conserves/honey as for the Conserve Box
This year our range of conserves includes orange and brandy marmalade for true lovers of marmalades; rich fig jam which pleases even those without a taste for figs; a mulberry and sage conserve which doubles beautifully as an accompaniment for any roasted meat; cherry plum with cinnamon; damson plum; and a three fruits marmalade. Add to this list delicious honey collected from hives placed among flowering mountain herbs, and you have a mouth-watering selection to spread on your fresh oven-baked bread each morning, or to take home. For olive-lovers we have green olives pickled in garlic-infused brine. They, and our sweet citrus peels, are perfect when served with an ouzo before dinner.

Infused Oils
We have infused our organic oil to produce three oils each having a multitude of uses limited only by imagination: Rosemary infused oil can be used on green leaf salads, added to the dish when roasting red meats or drizzled over steamed vegetables; Garlic infused oil is used on all fresh vegetable salads, when oven baking meats or poultry, drizzled over freshly cooked and peppered pasta or added to any vegetable soup; and Garlic infused oil with lemon juice comes into its own poured over fresh vegetable salads and when added to the pan before cooking or baking fish. Our plain oil is used for absolutely everything. We use it daily in the kitchen and refrigerate it as a substitute for butter, but also use it to soften hands after a day in the garden, mixed with vinegar it makes a good furniture polish, it's used to waterproof gardening boots and even to keep garden tool handles smooth!

Boxed Teas, Herbs, and Coffee 
The same oak boxes which are used as tea and coffee boxes in your kitchen are also available as gifts packed with herbal teas. You have the choice of dried sage, chamomile, thyme, rosemary or mint. The herbs have been gathered from the valleys and mountains near Levendi's.

Apart from being generally good for you, these herbs have many specific uses: sage tea is a wonderful pick-me-up during and after having a cold, makes a good throat gargle and mouth wash and helps an upset or overindulged stomach. The ancient physician, Dioscorides, used sage to relieve fever, and to dissolve kidney stones. Use chamomile tea as a warm compress for tired eyes, or cold as an eyewash for irritated eyes; sage and chamomile together in boiled water is a wonderfully cleansing face steam. Rosemary tea soothes heartburn and a powder made from the leaves will disinfect wounds and abrasions and promote their healing. Mint teas are very helpful for colic and vomiting, especially if you add a little honey to each cup of tea. They work best taken a sip at a time each 5 minutes or so.

Skin Care Products
The Korres company makes a of range skin care products using the herbs of Greece. The company has a total opposition to the use of ingredients which have been tested on animals; its products have been clinically tested and are scientifically proven to be effective. Korres uses materials from nature, in their least processed form. You may chose from: Magnolia cleansing cream containing marigold, chamomile, magnolia, almond and corn oil;  Chamomile tonic lotion containing marigold, chamomile, linden, sage and cucumber; Jojoba mild facial scrub containing aloe, marigold and jojoba; . Honey Mask for tired skin containing avocado, wheat and honey; . Wild rose moisturizing cream for 24 hour skin care, containing wild rose, marigold and Vitamin E; . Honeysuckle intensive care night cream, containing honeysuckle, jojoba, vitamins A, 85, E and F; and Soaps suitable for both the face and body. Also available is an Amber Solaire high protection (factor 25) sun cream especially effective for children and sensitive skin.

In-House Menu
You may like to take the opportunity to taste some of our traditional meal accompaniments. Make life in the kitchen easier and choose from the Menu listed on our Order Form.


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