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At Levendis, you holiday and we do the thinking! Part of our hospitality is that we like to think we actually are your home away from home, and we have therefore tried to think of everything you will need.

In brief, you need only bring clothes, as the list of items we supply is long. A few of them?

Internet services are provided - leave the laptop at home unless you intend spending many hours a day at the keyboard. You can also dispense with more than one or two favoured books and other heavy items such as vast quantities of toiletries. Linens and towels are here, of course, and we confiscate anything with carotene in it - it ruins white cotton linens! We have sun hats, cool bags, umbrellas for all kinds of weather, audio tape and CD players, all kinds of insect repellents, burners and creams, beach towels, pool towels, ice boxes, mountain bicycles, a library of books (fact, fiction, island history, ancient, mythological and modern, island walks guides, new age literature, a collection of alternative health books, mediterranean flora and gardening books, endless!), creams, lotions, potions, shampoos, gels, etc.all made with wonderful mediterranean plant extracts and for all purposes; beach toys for children; pool 'water wings' for toddlers; bedtime story books................................(We're always open to new ideas for anything else?).


Your holiday at Levendi's Estate   Levendi's Cottage Virtual Tour   About Ithaca
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