Eco and Wellness

We take our responsibility of being the current custodians of the lands that form Levendis Estate seriously. To us living within nature’s never-ending cycles and seasons is simple.  We invite you to share this natural simplicity with us. 

Childhood memories of common sense farm life are our strongest influence. We feel it makes no sense to be wasteful, to use unnatural materials, to discard anything which can be re-used, or to destroy natural habitats, and it makes no sense not to grow our food when we are privileged enough to have land available to us. We re-cycle and re-use endlessly simply because it makes us feel happy!  You're invited to spend rejuvenating, fun-filled days on our Estate, detoxing with clean air, spring water, our Chef's local and highly nutritious foods, dark and quiet nights, morning yoga and mediation and, importantly, with time to be with your loved ones in carefree and natural surroundings enjoying each other's company - sea, sun, swim, walk, explore, relaxed dining.  And whilst you're spending your time thus, your biological clock will re-adjust to its natural rhythm.

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Living within nature means valuing and sharing nature’s gifts – tranquility, silence, geographical beauty, habitats for fauna, natural flora. Only 5% of the Estate's land will ever be built on.  At the heart of the Estate's architecture is an ethos that respects the environment and celebrates the scenery.  Therefore, without apology, you will not find the following at Levendis: air conditioning, electric water pumps, electro-magnetic smog, commercial cleaning products. You will find simple yet sophisticated single-storey houses blending harmoniously into their surroundings, designed so that air conditioning is unnecessary, cleaned with our own line of completely natural and 100% effective products, underground spring water that’s gravity-fed to your house, the Levendis chemical-free brand of body and hair care products, and the closest wi-fi 3km away.

Farming on the Estate extends our work within nature and we provide two local families with work year round who care for your home, its gardens, groves, forests, facilities and the environment that we all share and enjoy each day.

One of our most important tasks is saving and storing water. Rain water is harvested from all hard surfaces and from a system of ground soakage pipes. It’s then piped to storage and gravity fed to the garden watering system. Beginning with the 100+ inherited olive trees, Levendis is now home to four-footed and feathered friends who reside in their own farm paddock alongside our Estate. The olive trees provide oil and fruit, their wood which is pruned at the annual harvest provides our Estate and home with winter heating and cooking whilst mulched leaves give health to our garden soil. As well as providing various types of eggs, all our animals contribute to our composting system, the results of which grow our vegetables and fruit. We’re privileged to be here and invite you to share our bounty.

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