Our story

A planned two year break from city life in Australia to be on the Greek island of Ithaca went a little awry on discovering that we'd inherited great-grandfather's small olive grove. A peaceful spot, set on a hillside above our favourite beach, it worked its magic and we decided to pool talents and build four traditional houses under the olive trees.

The years since 1995 have seen land size quadruple with eco-landscaping of 8 acres of hillside including olive groves and forest, the addition of outdoor amenities and a separate farm yard .... and an enormously satisfying lifestyle for us that honors and respects Ithaca’s natural geographic beauty and the richness of its flora.

Twenty years  on we’re confident you will feel  that Levendis is the ideal escape for you and your loved ones  - secluded in the countryside, yet on an island by the sea, with panoramic views from your terraces. The bedlam of life is peeled away to reveal natural peace. Your circadian rhythm will be restored by dark, silent nights of deep sleep and energy levels will soar after days starting with yoga, massage and nutritionally dense breakfasts followed by hours of sea activities, exploring the island’s pathways or simply gazing at the view.  A natural detox, the bedlam of life is peeled away: no device screens,  wi-fi smog, television or noise of any kind.  Our Chef will provide you with locally-grown organic foods, you drink spring water, beathe clean air, take exercise within nature and enjoy a peaceful and totally chemical-free break from daily life – lather yourself with luxurious toiletries created on the Estateusing plants grown in the gardens and know that your house is cleaned using the power of essential oils.

Holidays at Levendis offer you a carefree, fun-filled space in life where absolute tranquility and beauty are a given:  Come see…….and feel !