Our story

A planned two year break from city life in Australia to be on the Greek island of Ithaca went a little awry on discovering that we'd inherited great-grandfather's small olive grove. A peaceful spot, set on a hillside above our favourite beach, it worked its magic and we decided to pool talents and build four traditional houses under the olive trees.

The years since 1995 have seen land size quadruple with eco-landscaping of 8 acres of hillside including olive groves and forest, the addition of numerous outdoor amenities a separate farm yard .... and an enormously satisfying lifestyle. 

Two principles guided our idea to add accommodation to the terraced olive groves which were Levendis. We wanted to create a holiday destination for world travellers that provided all the comforts and facilities familiar to them; and to ensure that this work would honor and respect Ithaca’s natural geographic beauty and the richness of its flora. In this way our work and your holidays on Ithaca would have a positive affect on our environment.

Twenty years on we’re confident that you will feel that you’ve found your ideal escape.

Your holiday home is secluded in the countryside, yet on an island by the sea, with panoramic views from your terraces. The bedlam of life is peeled away to reveal natural peace – no televisions, air conditioning, wi-fi smog, nothing disruptive.

What remains is a carefree space in life where absolute tranquility and beauty are a given.