Guest Book

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Thank you for the beauty of Levendis, long may it last! A unique holiday experience and unlike any previous holiday. An eco-chic vacation where everything has been taken care of before you arrive, according to your wishes. Ithaca is an island where nature reigns supreme….olive trees, a rich and varied vegetation, crystal clear seas, pure air, beautiful scenery. Levendis philosophy of creating a space that takes advantage of the natural environment responsibly and takes care of every individual’s need; and the island is simply a great place to be in September. However, the most powerful endorsement has to be that other guests were all on their umpteenth visit to Levendis, happy to note how the Estate had evolved over the years. Bryan and Gigi 2018 – Switzerland

Holiday highlights – snorkeling at the local beach with loads of different fish with vibrant colors; kayaking above the clear blue and green water and the really good Levendis breakfasts. We had a great time, but the best was staying here at Levendis. Libby (11) and Jess (9), UK, May 2018

You have given us the most fantastic holiday. It has been so very special to return to this well kept secret place. Beautiful and nurturing and heavenly swimming, especially this morning in the dark before leaving! Felicity and Sarah Hedley, Dorset and New Zealand, Sept 2018

Day 1 and what a lovely start to our week here! We woke around 10.30 and went up to the Coffee Shjop for breakfast, and my god, that breakfast was a treat! After we went in the luxurious pool – amazing! Adam, Simona, Lizzie (16) Noah (14) and Benji (12), August 2018

It was great to see you again after three years, but it won’t be the last. While we were here we had a cross country, a swimming race, two movie nights and a couple of visits to the farm. We loved the forest, pool and breakfasts. Arkie (11) and Havi (14), Sydney, July 2018

A well needed recuperative family holiday. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place to stay. Anna Ellery, UK, May 2018

Such a beautiful, peaceful place, full of delights. We didn’t do much, but we didn’t need to. Levendis is a very special haven. John and Alison, UK, Sept 2017 My highlights were a fishing boat trip, movie night, the sea and breakfasts – oh and the homemade lollies! Oona, (11) UK, August 2017

On our second visit, so refreshing and relaxing. The environment you’ve created is grounding, peaceful and in complete harmony with nature. It’s both timeless and different each day – the colors, the sky, the air, so fragrant and natural. We’ll be back for another dose! Neil and Melanie, Australia and now Yorkshire, Sept 2016

Our 9th year making wonderful memories in our most favourite place with our most favourite people, see you next year! Tanya and Mark, Ben (11), Zoe and Hannah (7), UK August 2018

We all loved it – everyone, every place, every minute. See you again. Nat & Helen, Evelyn (2) and Iris (2 mths) UK, June 2018

A joy to return to Levendis – but this time at a different season. We loved the variety and color of spring at Levendis, but this time it’s been lovely to swim in such warm waters. We have walked familiar and new trails this time. But best of all has been the friendliness and laughter we’ve shared with our hosts at the Coffee Shop each morning. Carole and Peter, UK, September 2017

Way too short this time, but super sweet and deliciously enjoyable stay!! Already looking forward to coming back once again – for longer! Antonia, Ernesto, Keanu & Anais, Switzerland, July 2017

Thank you for your wonderful, soulful hospitality. It takes an awful lot of hard work and sensitivity to create somewhere that instantly makes guests feel relaxed, but you’ve done exactly that. Rhiannon, London, June 2017

The pillows are perfect, slept like a baby. Fantastic week, didn’t move far from the lawn-lounger-with-view, everything else lived up to standard of the pillows! Isabel Ettedgui, August 2014

On holiday number 6 at Levendis we’ve been lazier than ever. Just took the time to enjoy our favourite bits: breakfast up the stairs, the unbeatable pool with view, Marmakas for swimming and snorkelling in beautiful turquoise water, Ag Ioannis beach to watch the sun going down and Frikes for dinners. It seems like the Estate is growing with our boys, with more for them to do and explore every year. Thanks for the kindness and thoughtfulness, of course we’ll be back! Aileen & Nick, Robbie & Scott, July 2014

How could I not have had a wonderful time - Massages in the forest pavilion, a serene setting to say the very least, happy kids who appeared only at meal times, marvelous views from my garden, lovely lotions and potions, interesting breakfast chats at the coffee shop …..and I read nine books with four kids in tow! The most relaxing two weeks in 12 years, thank you. Patricia, Demark, 2013

If you want peace, tranquilty, a chance to recharge in the company of your loved ones and to return with a better balance for life, this is the place for you. Magical villages in the sky and beautiful beaches to be discovered. See you next year. Liam and Susan, Holmforth, 2015

Thank yous from us all. Your conception of the perfect family holiday that blends loads of fun for our kids with the simple luxury of silence and beauty for us is unique as far as I know. We already consider ourselves regulars! Harold and Eve, Geneva, 2014

The one place I’ve been that I want to return to – often. In fact I’m thinking that I live at Levendis Estate, but sadly need to return to Ireland to work 50 weeks each year. Jenny Walsh, Co. Cork, June 2015

A little corner of the world where nothing really matters and where the beauty of nature renders everything just as it should be. But more than just a beautiful peaceful place, Mal and Spiro offer something much more……..we will go back to our quiet part of Sussex inspired about what ‘welcome’ means. Hospitality here extends into every blade of grass, every perfectly located hammock, every gorgeous double espresso………. We leave with enriched souls. Jed and Gilly, England, 2014

Our 11th holiday at Levendis. Some ask us why not see the rest of the world and we reply what more could a soul ask, Levendis supplies all. Here we find ourselves, our thoughts, spend time to re-find inner peace and re-decide what really matters to us. We love being within the enthusiasm and creativity of Spero and Mal’s company in a glorious corner of the world where it’s so easy to ‘let go’. Thank you for all your hard work, same time same place next year of course. Rob & Nita, Hollingworth, UK, 2014

Thank you and Levendis for our fortnight of peace, perfect peace, in exquisite surroundings. Marg & John, Melbourne, 2014

Exploring the island is exciting, birds-eye views from mountaintops, the clearest seas imaginable, but the best was always coming back to Levendis - to the cool and calm ………..and ‘that’ view! Thank you for making this beautiful place for us. Jackie and Cathy, London, 2015