Kids will love

At Levendis we encourage having fun outdoors and within nature, and with games, books and films from bygone years. Kids love getting back to basics: each other’s company, card and board games, exploratory fun, collecting morning eggs - and checking in with parents now and then!

According to our 2015 kids, the best things at Levendis are:

  • Making friends with other kids around my age
  • Exploring and finding adventures here inside Levendis
  • ‘Yo-lates’ classes for us kids
  • Swimming at night and stargazing at the same time
  • Making up lots of games in the forest in the afternoons
  • Forest shenanigans
  • Monday nights at the forest cinema
  • Competitions with card games and other old-fashioned games we didn’t know before.
  • Boat excursions (‘we had the best fun – the captain showed us how to jump from the cabin roof into the sea!’)
  • Trying to beat the swimming pool laps record