The Australian Traveller, 15 July 2023

Let the summer hordes have Mykonos, Santorini and Crete. Dig a little deeper and there are plenty of other low-key and languorous Greek islands to visit on your next trip. By George Epaminondas

Ithaca, The backstory: Though shrouded with mythical allure – the Ionian island is the legendary home of Odysseus – Ithaca remains relatively undiscovered by tourists. The town of Vathy is aeons from the classic island look: verdant hills, colourful cafes, and neoclassical abodes in shades of honey and sienna. Get active by hiking up to the ruins of Alalkomenes, mountain-biking in its hilly interior, or kayaking in turquoise coves and the emerald-hued waters of Sarakiniko Bay...

Stay here: On the northern tip of the island Levendis Estate offers four rustic cottages set in an olive grove. Greek-Australian owners Spero and Marilyn Raftopulos are thoughtful hosts.

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Traveller magazine, October 2020

Best Greek Islands to visit in 2019. “ITHACA: Best island for a Mythical Retreat for Families. Despite its legendary stature, the homeland of Homer's hero, Odysseus, remains surprisingly under-the-radar.”

Where to stay on Ithaca: Levendis Estate an eco-retreat that’s especially great for families: kids can pick their own organic fruit, feed the hens, and scamper through the woods to a hidden infinity pool and shaded play platform.

The Times, January 2020

"…stay on an organic olive oil farm on the island of Ithaca. Levendis Estate has four elegant villas set in floral gardens, a library and an open-air cinema. Pilates, yoga, cycling, walking and cooking classes are on offer, with swimming, snorkeling, boating, sea kayaking and scuba diving in summer."

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Excerpt from May 2019

The epic island home of wandering Odysseus may be famous in world literature, but this hidden gem is mostly unknown to tourists. It’s a wooded, hilly island with a jagged coast. Sailors love its sheltered harbours, swimmers its emerald waters, and you can discover places with wonderful names like The Cave of Nymphs and The Fountain of Arethousa.

Where to stay? Levendis Estate is a stylish retreat for nature lovers with just 4 charming cottages surrounded by scented gardens, plus a tempting pool. It’s a place for massages, moonlit swims and marvellous feasting.

Olive Magazine, September 2017

Olive Magazine, September 2017

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The Greek Reporter, June 2016

Homer’s Odyssey has been voted the most influential story to have shaped the entire world, according to a poll of more than 100 international authors, academics, journalists and critics conducted by Britain’s BBC.

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Vanessa Jackman, June 2014

It was the trip we always dreamt of taking but had never quite managed. Crystal clear turquoise water, azure blue skies, white pebble beaches tucked away in secluded coves accessible only by boat; the heady scent of jasmine, rosemary and pine mixed with the tang of sea salt;

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Discovering A Greek Hillside, May 1997

Spring 1990 brought us to the small island of Ithaca, in recent times known for little but its sheer beauty, but famed for its king and hero Ulysses who, history tells us, was the brains behind the winning wooden-horse idea that ended the long war of Troy……………..

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Mail On-Line, April 2011

……a million miles from the popular idea of a Greek holiday island, Ithaca is as peaceful and serene as Homer painted it 3,000 years ago. And I have a sneaky feeling that he may have pitched his writing desk overlooking the bay at Levendi's Estate........Jed Novick

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Earth Times, August 2011

Nestled atop a hillside on the enchanting island of Ithaca in Greece, Levendi's Estate is an ideal retreat for families, honeymooners, and all other vacationers who are seeking a fabulous, eco-friendly getaway.

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Financial Times Food & Travel, March 2008

An olive grove with gnarled trees, some planted 1500 years ago, Levendis is a hillside landscaped into a beautiful organic garden looking out to white cliffs with fingers of green scrub reaching down to the improbably blue Ionian sea.

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Ethical Travel Guide, January 2006

Everything Levendis does is geared to the health of the environmentally fragile island of Ithaca.

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My Greece, Friends of the Ionian, 1996

"You really must call into Ithaca on your way to Athens from Italy;" the advice of a friend proffered in 1976. A 25 year-old from Antipodes, intent on seeing Europe, consulted her map.

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Little Beauty, Sandy Byrne, 1997

I've seen tiny Ithaca, one of the seven Ionian Islands, every which way and in all weathers. I strongly argue the case for visiting places out of season, and finding what it is that really sustains them.

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Jewel in the Ionian, Johnny Byrne, 1998

An island for all seasons and all stories, the tiny jewel in the Ionian Sea that is Ithaca, is steeped in myth and tradition. It's the seat of the legends of The Odyssey and The Iliad, and carries a theme of separation and loss, nostalgia and reunion.

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