Small Group & Specialist Holidays

Levendis offers an Estate and grounds uniquely designed to cater for private holidays for small groups. Using all accommodation on the Estate each part of your group will enjoy the fusion of privacy within their own house and gardens along with an easy ability to be together.

You may be celebrating a round-number birthday with extended family/friends, an intimate destination wedding during the spring, or your family might like the idea of holidaying with two or three other families spending fun time together during the summer. For all such occasions Levendis Estate provides the ideal destination and range of services. 

Alternatively, we offer eaerly-season Specialist holidays for 10 - 16 people who have interests in common - creative arts schools for painting, writing or photography,   perhaps a wellness retreat to concentrate on yoga, meditation and pilates, a mindfulness retreat?

At Levendis we  host private holidays for groups of friends who are wanting a carefree holiday in natural surroundings, taking the ‘slow road’ to enjoy walking, trekking and cycling. Our wellness services are available for these holidays.

Whatever the focus your holiday, we are well practiced in arranging and organizing the complete detail of private holidays for small groups of people.

As each event is completely individual, please Contact Us with your first ideas and we’ll begin working with you immediately.

Allow our experience to take the load off your shoulders!